Protect your children- Never leave your child alone in a public place, whether in a stroller or a car. Always accompany your child to the bathroom in a public place. Get to know babysitters and your child’s older friends before leaving them alone with your child. Make a list of emergency telephone numbers. Place the list where it is easily accessible to the entire family, preferably near the telephone. Prepare a written emergency safety plan and ensure that all family members understand it by practicing the plan from time to time. Once a month, check that safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and alarms are working.

Teach your children- To recite their own name, age, telephone number, area code, address, city and province. To carry identification. How to phone long distance by dialing direct or with operator assistance. How to reach you in an emergency. How to reach the Police, Fire department, ambulance, family doctor, relatives, and neighbors. To tell you where they will be at all times. Never to say they are alone if they answer the phone or door. Never to invite strangers into your home. Not to enter anyone’s home without permission.

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