The District Crime Records Bureau is the Criminal Intelligence and information Agency of the District Police and an integral part of the crime-criminal information system of the State and the country.  The main functions of the Bureau are:

  • Maintaining books of all Acts related to Police and Chief Office, CID/SCRB, Range Office Circulars subject-wise and date wise, circulates them to all concerned for compliance and maintain a stock file, reiterate them during crime meeting through SP.
  • Compilation, Collation, Maintenance, Analysis, updating and dissemination of criminal records and crime-criminal information. The information system is secured from A.P. Police Intranet data w.e.f. 01.01.2009 electronically and shall also include:
  • All types of crimes, active and habitual criminals who commit crime against property and whose activities extend over more than one Police Station limits.
  • Counterfeit currency (FICN-Fake Indian Currency Notes) offenders.
  • White collar crimes including Multi-Level Marketing Frauds.
  • Cyber crimes, including “419” Nigerian frauds.
  • Organized crime, crime syndicates and criminal gangs, their members, terrorist crimes and gangs.
  • Of fences against children, women and other weaker sections, scheduled tribes and scheduled castes, Human Trafficking offenses.
  • Communal offenses.
  • Environmental crimes including Bio-diversity Act violations and temple – property thefts, smuggling and Drug Trafficking offenses.
  • Collect, record, collate, analyze, interpret and disseminate information about crime and criminals and the movements and activities of the district, inter-district, inter-state and international criminals using ‘AP Police Intranet’ ensuring entry of all arrest data (I.I.F) in all PSs for updating arrest data.
  • Remain in constant touch with the incidence of crime in districts, cities, railway police and other states also movements of criminals, criminal gangs;
  • Maintain constant on-line communication with SCRB and make available by fastest means the information to the field officer, including at the scene of crime, besides acting as a reference point for all investigating officers and teams.

The Bureau is a vital link in the criminal records, Intelligence system of the State and the Country apart from being a valuable asset to the District Police and Investigating Branch of the District.