The overall Law & Order situation in the District remained peaceful and the detail of Police duties in Krishna district is as follows:

General Law & Order:

The maintenance of the law & order and public order is the important duty of Police. The Police duties include as noted below:

Personal leadership and supervision of duties and work of all the staff and men allotted to his charge including their welfare, discipline and morale.

Organizing and active participation in crime prevention and detection, maintenance of law and order and anti-terror operations, dispersal of unlawful assemblies and prevention of breach of peace and public order.

Organizing beats and patrols and its personal supervision .

Obtaining prompt information about activities in the field of Communal, Caste, Political, Student or other segments of society including subversive elements and identify trouble spots and trouble mongers and to take effective preventive measures like launching security proceedings under Cr.P.C .

Maintenance of good public relations in his station limits

Visiting and spending adequate time in the villages, localities

Maintenance of effective surveillance over bad characters, anti-social elements, and rowdies of the area under his charge

Constantly endeavour to maintain high professional standard and keep himself updated, well informed and motivated.

Pursuit and apprehension of offenders on available clues and information.

Collection of information on all important matters relevant to police duties and his functions and communicating the same to his immediate superior police officer and to other concerned superior police officers promptly.

Investigation of all cases reported in his jurisdiction except for those where the investigation is entrusted to Inspector / DSP or other senior officers or CID.