Vision of Krishna District Police

  • The Indian Police shall always steadfastly uphold the Rule of Law, respect the Dignity of the Individual and Human Rights and display an unwavering commitment to lawful methods of policing.
  • The Police shall be seen as a service, dedicated to provide honest, inclusive, transparent, fair, equitable and responsive services to the community.
  • While being subject to democratic and governmental oversight, the Police shall have the freedom to discharge its duties without fear or favour and unfettered by undue external and extraneous influences.
  • The Police shall secure the willing cooperation, trust and respect of the community by demonstrating their professional competence, effectiveness and absolute impartiality in their actions.
  • Through high quality applied research and knowledge development and working on the frontiers of relevant technology and innovation, the police shall be well-equipped and well trained to leverage the current and emerging technological innovations as a force multiplier for better operational success and shall be committed to a culture of continuous pursuit of professional excellence.
  • Considering that police personnel are required to possess high levels of technical knowledge, skills and diligence, as well as the sensitivity and resilience to confront the stresses and strains of a highly demanding, often dangerous and complex work environment, they shall be suitably compensated and assured of decent working and living conditions as well as opportunities for their career development.

Mission of Krishna District Police

  • An unwavering Commitment to the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Dignity and Respect for the Individual.
  • An unrelenting pursuit of professional excellence and effectiveness, people-centric practices and accountability.
  • Multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to addressing complex issues of policing.
  • Independence of views and constructive criticism.
  • Work with all stakeholders to establish highest standards of professional and service delivery standards for the Indian Police.
  • Promote good governance, accountability and transparency in policing.
  • Combat corruption, professional mediocrity and misconduct.
  • Strengthen management tools; build capacity and intellectual capital required for systemic improvements.
  • Enable, Empower and Support the police to discharge their duties effectively.
  • Promote high quality research and foster a culture of evidence-based decision making.
  • Policy Advocacy.